Sell your Property Online

Today's seller wants a marketing solution that provides regional, national and international property exposure. Our Accelerated Marketing Program (AMP®) attracts more potential buyers due to its continuous internet based advertising/marketing campaign and the opportunity to purchase property at a price set in a fair and transparent process.

Below are some of the benefits of selling with NGKFbid.

Velocity of Sale

An event marketing campaign runs approximately 45 days leading up to a bid or tender offer deadline, the date that creates a sense of urgency driving buyers to take action.

Value Protection

Our bid/offer process protects your property from negative exposure or lack of market response and yet encourages potential buyers to "put their best foot forward" with initial bids or offers.

Top Market Price

The competitive process combined with our unique deadline extension feature "Last Call" can deliver the best possible sale price. Typically, Last Call generates additional revenue beyond the initial bid or tender offer deadline, which is where most other events end.

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